Jun 29, 2010

a short break

dear afiq...

should i take a break?
take a break from all the activities that I've participate here?
should i stop dancing for a while?
should i stop helping my idol for a while?
should i stop showing my self to public?

some people don't understand, this is what i love...
myb in ur eyes, i'm a stupid 'pak turut'..
who just simply take the job without thinking...
but please understand me, this is what i love to do...
this is me...

i'm eager to dance
i'm eager to help my idol
i love being with 'the group'

what should i do??

should i take a break and it will hurt me...


just keep doing what i'm doing rite now and people will keep say something bad bout me?

p/s: help me... support me although i'm nobody.. T_T


  1. ignore others~~ just follow ur heart lahh.. go naga !!! yeahhh XD (malam nh lauk 2 singgit yehh ) hahaha :DD

  2. Saya setuju kenyataan Mera Zati...

    Dear Afiq:
    People will forever say things about us, be it bad of good stuffs la...Ignore them, and have a believe in yourself first that you can do well. Like me,I siap ada wish list for whatever things I want to do for this semester, so lantak la aper org nk cakap. at least kita ada matlamat, and kita akan capai matlamat kita. jgn risau la. best aper menari ni. Menari ni la mase utk kita buat benda yg kita suka dgn kawan2 kita.. huhu..

  3. again i agreed with merazati n vosovic !

    i have talk to u just now..
    people will always talk about us no matter it is a good or bad !
    we can't stop them .
    but we can prove to them .
    show our capability .
    u choose,,
    peria or keria ?
    petola or gula ?
    which one gave the best ?
    but then again,
    it's up for u to choose...
    for me, a "friend" is somebody dat really noe us ! be with us no matter in what condition . support us n NEVER let u down !

  4. rilek je weh..xyah pk byk..org nak ckp ape..lantak dorang la..jnji ko happy..n xrase terbeban..ko nak stop bt something yg ko enjoy btpe?sbb we are talking about ourselves..we decide what we want..n how we want it to be..

  5. skunk ni aq in the same situation ngun ko..but,just do wht u like...cos u will regret left it behind just 4 others..trust me

  6. afiq....sometimes people talk without using their mouth..they talk using their heartless heart...they judge..
    if u think u r tired of dancing then take a rest...its all up to you...
    like what abg ijat ckp, we r talking bout ourslvs, we decide, we choose the part, i believe in you...
    those 'pak turut' thingy, ignore whoever say it to u... i noe you, you like to help people, lighten their burden...

    Hope you get it...till then, that is how
    iGossip (ttp xnk kalah wink2)