Jul 31, 2010

~my fault~

DeaR AfiQ...

I'm not going to be emotional this time.. hopefully.. hahaha.. well, somehow, i think i made the same stupid mistake again.. ntah la.. nak kate x blaja dari kesilapan, fiq blaja.. but then, i still make da same thing.. n this time mcm lg terok je.. hohohoh.. well, this is my mistake.. n i will fix it.. hope this is the last time i did this stupid mistake..miss the old days.. really meant it.. need a right time to talk to you n ask for your forgiveness for real.. but it's hard for me to find the right time...i can't enjoy every single moment if u still mad at me.. you told me before, ' jgn biar benda kecik jadi kudis' i hold to that words till now..

ya allah, kau lembutkan lah hatinya, untuk menerima maafku..
kau hapuskan lah segala amarah yg terpandam di hatinya..
hanya padamu aku memohon...

p.s: doa2 kan yek..

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