Aug 30, 2010

~Digugurkan dari Senarai~

DeaR AfiQ...

baru je nk heppi2... but things just happen.. redha je la.. do you still remember the previous? about the aswara things? alhamdulillah.. 1st class da satel.. sume ok.. but then, this afternoon, i called Dr.Gaz, i wanted to gave him the schedule for our practice... but then, the words that is quite uneasy to heard come out from his mouth.. ''saya mungkin digugurkan dari senarai pensyarah yang akan incharge'' .. Allah... what else i can say? terkilan bile Dr x leh join the group.. but please support us even though you r not in the list.. the team need your support, the aswara student also need your support and for me my self.. need your support.. Domo ArigatO GozaiMasu...

Aug 29, 2010


Dear AfiQ...

Finally!! the moment that i've been waited for song long!! to be trained by a professional dancer is come true!!!! camner bole jadi?? well, wo got some friends at aswara.. and this year they need to do their pedagogy subject and they selected our group to be their student!! tp madam hazian is still the best ok!! jgn salah paham!! hahaha.. there is going to be 2 person to teach us dance, the first one is abg naim and the second one is kak ika... due2 ni kire pelajar cemerlang kat ASWARA.. world campion lagi tu!! weeee... =) it is fun.. to work with a awesome talent.. abg naim is going to teach contemporary dance.. whic is my fav.. kak ika plak aja tarian tradisional.. syok!!! =) it is fun.. but then.. somehow i feel that i am lack of confident.. mcm susah plak.. ye la, be4 dis menari syok sendirik je.. buruk.. =( tp hopefully they can help me to improve my dance skill...

haaaa... entry kali ni, fiq nak ucapkan JUTAAN TERIMA KASIH buat Dr.Ghazali, and Mdm Hazian coz sgt2 menyokong ape yg kami buat,, kalu diorg x dek, x merasa la nk belajar ngan kak ika n abg naim.. Domo arigato gozaimasu DR gaz n mdm Hazian coz support kitaorg.. kami akan blaja sesungguh2 nye.. =D kitaorg akn gunekan kepercayaan kalian dgn sebetul2 nye.. =) tak terbalas jasa DR gaz n Mdm Hazian...

p.s/ walau x mampu nk jadi sebaik penari profesional, sedap mate memandang pon jadik la.. hehehehe..

Aug 25, 2010

~tamaN tasiK perdanA~

Dear Afiq..

On 24th august, we went to taman tasik perdana.. to snap some picture... huhuhuh.. i borrowed aman's camera..a cool one i assume... i took some picture, i think I've fall in love with photography now.. =) macam syok la pulak... but then, i really enjoy using the aman's camera.. a regular digital camera, but still, the effect is awesome.. take note that it is samsung camera.. hehehe.. i just love sumsung.. =D

ni antara gmbar2 yg fiq snap masa kat sana... x dek edit2 yek.. ni yg original punye.. hehehehe..
the picture just nice, not so good.. but i was very happy with this pictures..

batang pokok

entah pe name bunga ni..

bunga teratai barangkali..

kerengga ni.. dkt 10 menet ak duk mecangkung nk snap beliau

dragonfly.. one of my fav picture..

a yellowish flower..

bunga berguguran..

this is my fav.. huhuhuh... =D

Aug 17, 2010

a gloomy morning.....

DeaR AfiQ..

it's a cold morning,
i wake up with smile on my face...
having fun with my friend...
laughing together..
it was fun..

but then,
i saw your picture..
picture of you and me..
picture you and the other..
"Ya allah... rindunya aku..."
came cross to my mind...
the bright morning of mine,
has turned to a gloomy morning...

is the only word can describe what do i feel now..
''berhenti berharap by s07 playing on my playlist''

kau ajarkan ak bahagia..

kau ajarkan aku derita

kau tunjukkan ak bahagia

kau tunjukkan ak derita

kauberikan ak bahagia

kau berikan ak derita..

but i will not berhenti berharap..

allah... berat hati ni terasa.. tebal rindu ini... ya allah, kau peliharakan lah org yg ku sayangi ini.. permudahkanlah urusan nya, beri kan lah kelapangan waktu buat dia...

aku rindu padanya ya allah....

Aug 15, 2010

~Let It Rain~

Dear AfiQ..

it's raining out side... lebat yg amat.. sedap tido neh.. hehehe.. tp be4 dat, want to share a great song by kris allen.. let it rain...

Aug 12, 2010


DeaR AfiQ,

these 2 weeks, been so hard for me..
although i got supports from my friend..
from my sister n my brother..
i still feel empty..
frankly.. i miss you...
forgive me if i am wrong..
please stop punishing me like this..
i am happy.. but not as happy as before..

p/s: please don't hate me....

Aug 9, 2010

it was a fairytale

DeaR AfiQ...

this post is actually kind of my response to I Gossip nyer previous post..

last few month was a fairy tale...
i was so happy with my life..
met new people..
and done lots of things..
it was a fairy tale..
I met a prince charming,
I get to know a lovely Princes,
(but they r in diffrent world)
I got support from a Lovely Sister and a Caring brother,
I met Some Awesome friend
It was so happy..
we went to 'WaR' togather..
fight the monster
defeat the witches

but today...
i realize...
it was a fairytale..
the prince charming?
no longer need me- -he's getting far away from me, but still, i admire him most
the Lovely princes?
she made me decided to be single for the time being, but, she still care for me.. arigato..
my Sister and my brother?
i gave them too much burden, i guess, i'll stop disturbing them..
the monster and witches?
i don't care about that anymore..

the one thing that i know it is not a fairytale..
they are always there for me..
they help me a a lot..

i need to step up to reality..
it is sad to leave the fantasy..
because i know, the reality hurt...
hurt a lot...
i hope i am strong to face this..

p/s: idea dr lagu today was a fairytale...

Aug 3, 2010

makan maki

8.oo am :beliau masuk kelas
8.01 am : beliau MAKI2..
9.00 am : maki2
10.00am : rest~~
12.00pm :terus maki2..
12.20pm : baru blaja

HOTAK KAU!!!! dari pagi smpai Tgh Hari nk Makan MAKI kau je!!! org nk blaja la wei!!! baik ak tido kat bilek!!! blaja sendiri!! same je!! x yah nk makan2 maki kau!!! kang ak bukak mulut ko cakap ak kuang aja!!!

haaaa...!!!! kan ak da carut tu!!!! hambik kau!!!

it's up to you

DeaR AfiQ..

this is the first time ever, i care so much to a person.. seriously.. i never felt this way before.. honestly, I've changed a lot.. in a batter way, thanks to your help.. you make my life full with joy and happiness, you thought me right from listen to my problem.. you gave me strength... but then, i made mistake, seems that you can't forgive is my fault.. i know.. I've done everything that i can do.. I've seek for your forgiveness.. but still, the answer i got is SILENCE.. it hurt.. silence is killing me.. silence can't solve any problem.. well, i am nobody.. i know.. i am nothing in your eye.. i tried so hard to help you, but its ended up i became a big burden to you.. i guess, I've realize now.. who am i.. nothing much that i can do.. i've done what i could.. it's up to you now.. to forgive and forget or to keep it inside.. will no longer disturb you with my emotional attitude.. but i want you to know, i will always there to help you..if you need me, just let me know... it's hard for me.. Ya Allah, give me strength..I'm not strong enough to face this alone... to loose someone that i care.. to be ignored by someone who i love.. its hurt... its really hurt...

p.s: I Love You...