Aug 9, 2010

it was a fairytale

DeaR AfiQ...

this post is actually kind of my response to I Gossip nyer previous post..

last few month was a fairy tale...
i was so happy with my life..
met new people..
and done lots of things..
it was a fairy tale..
I met a prince charming,
I get to know a lovely Princes,
(but they r in diffrent world)
I got support from a Lovely Sister and a Caring brother,
I met Some Awesome friend
It was so happy..
we went to 'WaR' togather..
fight the monster
defeat the witches

but today...
i realize...
it was a fairytale..
the prince charming?
no longer need me- -he's getting far away from me, but still, i admire him most
the Lovely princes?
she made me decided to be single for the time being, but, she still care for me.. arigato..
my Sister and my brother?
i gave them too much burden, i guess, i'll stop disturbing them..
the monster and witches?
i don't care about that anymore..

the one thing that i know it is not a fairytale..
they are always there for me..
they help me a a lot..

i need to step up to reality..
it is sad to leave the fantasy..
because i know, the reality hurt...
hurt a lot...
i hope i am strong to face this..

p/s: idea dr lagu today was a fairytale...


  1. thanks 4 responding... patient afiq...things happen for a reason..nothing is is either bad or sweet memory...

  2. afiq! family and friends are the best medicine for loneliness..dun ever feel lonely, coz we're all in this together..jamlankidz<3

  3. rizal~ the memory is too sweet.. its like a fairy tale.. its too hard for me to forget it..

    miera~ yes.. i agree.. but still, there is a huge hole inside my heart..