Aug 3, 2010

it's up to you

DeaR AfiQ..

this is the first time ever, i care so much to a person.. seriously.. i never felt this way before.. honestly, I've changed a lot.. in a batter way, thanks to your help.. you make my life full with joy and happiness, you thought me right from listen to my problem.. you gave me strength... but then, i made mistake, seems that you can't forgive is my fault.. i know.. I've done everything that i can do.. I've seek for your forgiveness.. but still, the answer i got is SILENCE.. it hurt.. silence is killing me.. silence can't solve any problem.. well, i am nobody.. i know.. i am nothing in your eye.. i tried so hard to help you, but its ended up i became a big burden to you.. i guess, I've realize now.. who am i.. nothing much that i can do.. i've done what i could.. it's up to you now.. to forgive and forget or to keep it inside.. will no longer disturb you with my emotional attitude.. but i want you to know, i will always there to help you..if you need me, just let me know... it's hard for me.. Ya Allah, give me strength..I'm not strong enough to face this alone... to loose someone that i care.. to be ignored by someone who i love.. its hurt... its really hurt...

p.s: I Love You...

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  1. dont stop believing...just pray to Allah so He can open up her heart ^^